Image: Our New Europe - beacon for peace, liberty, democracy and human dignity - Peace project - Democratic, diverse, prosperous community of states!!
*Peace project - Democratic, diverse, prosperous community of states!

European Peace Project

1. The  Objective

Our New Europe

With and for all citizens throughout Europe! 

  1. diverse, democratic, constantly evolving, flexible Europe, open to the world, in which we citizens use referenda to determine which issues we in Europe want to decide ourselves with the ballot paper: above all on our country's role in Europe, a European Constitution, the entry of new member countries, the euro and euro taxes, immigration, but also Corona, climate change and the war in Ukraine!
  2. A prosperous, strong, subsidiary Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik, where all European countries - especially also all non-EU countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Great Britain, Switzerland and Turkey - all cooperate in peace, freedom and for the benefit of all - according to the will of their citizens!
  3. A sustainable Europe for the 21st century that trusts us and takes us seriously as its sovereign and as emancipated, committed, empowered citizens and convinced, critical Europeans, because we have the last word in our new Europe - with the ballot sheet!  



The most important prerequisite for achieving this objective are responsible, committed, empowered citizens throughout Europe willing to assume responsibility and power in our new Europe and to implement this Europe together, democratically. This absolutely requires mutual confidence between the state and its citizens, which the state cannot decree by law, but can most easily win by means of constitutionally defined referenda - since: 

  • Nothing strengthens democracy, peace, freedom and the commitment of us citizens throughout Europe for our new Europe, our sense of belonging together and our democratic responsibility, as well as our certainty to be taken seriously by our new Europe, like regular constitutionally determined referenda, in which (after broad and open, instructive campaigns) we citizens across Europe can decide freely on all essential European issues! - As the Swiss have demonstrated every 3 months since many years! 

  • On the other hand, nothing frustrates, offends and outrages our confidence in the state more than politicians who ignore, disregard, reject or launch and misuse referenda for their own purposes and careers, or even ask to repeat them until they like the results! - As it happens time and again also in Europe! 

2. The Path


We citizens across Europe seize power and responsibility for our new Europe with our sword of Damocles, referenda, transforming: 

  • ...Swords into ploughshares and the war in Europe into a "Common European House of Peace, Freedom and Democracy" in which we no longer settle our problems with violence and weapons, but with the ballot paper!

  • ...unauthorized politicians, plutocrats, autocrats, eurocrats and bureaucrats into true servants of the people who are ready to implement our new, democratic, diverse Europe - together with us!

  • ... the many millions of frustrated citizens in permanent lockdown throughout Europe into responsible, empowered, committed, convinced and critical Europeans who are willing to take responsibility for Europe and crises (including the misery of refugees, pandemics, climate change and the war in Europe) as opportunities to strengthen democracy, welfare and human rights, peace and freedom! 

Together with our newly elected politicians, we sovereign Europeans will implement our peace project Europe within 10 years:





Our New Europe within 10 years:

    I. Ukraine/Corona/climate reset for a new, diverse, democratic Europe in the 21st century 

  • 2023/24 - Citizens' Revolt on Millions of citizens across Europe, incl. in  Russia and in Ukraine, ask for all countries and peoples a mutually beneficial cooperation throughout Europe!
  • 2024/25 - Turn of an era: The newly elected politicians will go down in history as the founders of our Peace Project - a beacon in the world for democracy, peace, freedom, prosperity and human rights

    II. Takeover of power with referenda - bottom-up - throughout Europe

  • 2025 - First Pan-European Referendum: What role shall your country play in our new Europe:
    • In the politically integrated core Europe: Common economic/foreign/security policy: B,F,L,LV,LT,EST,..?
    • In the European Free Trade Area: National independence, global cooperation, Brexit: GB,RUS,UA,..?
    • In the Common Market: Free movement of goods and services, political independence: CH,D,Hk !
  • 2026/31 - Constitution: National elections of the Const. Council (2026) - Ratified in national referenda (2030/31)!
  • 2032/... - Regular amendments by ballot: Legislative referenda and constitutional initiatives - forever!



A. "Never waste a goos crisis"!

In our new Europe, crises - above all the war in Europe, Corona and climate change - are used, by means of referenda, as opportunities to resolve conflicts, to strengthen democracy, the citizens' rights as well as a peaceful, prosperous cooperation that benefits all European countries:

  1. The refugee crisis will definitely and successfully be overcome with a humanitarian, common, flexible European asylum and refugee policy. A new Refugee Union of like-minded European countries and voluntary agreements with the rest of Europe are intended to strengthen border protection and to reduce the influx of refugees and asylum seekers, thanks, in particular, to effective measures to promote the economic development in the countries of origin and of transit of the refugees. 
  2. The euro crisis is leading to a close Economic, monetary and fiscal union (EMU), incl. the euro, a European economic government and common taxes in the member countries willing to integrate. All other European countries (incl. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Great Britain, Switzerland, etc.) are invited to join the European free trade area or the common market/economic area (EEA - with the free movement of goods, services and capital, but without the free movement of people and without the euro). The resulting diverse and, depending on the country, more or less extensive economic cooperation and free trade will bring prosperity, stability and peace to the entire continent!
  3. Experience with the Corona pandemic shows that, in order to combat future pandemics more effectively and more successfully, every country must prepare without delay the necessary national emergency laws and flexible, efficient measures that are adapted to local and national circumstances, supported by the citizens and approved in referenda, as well as an experienced and well-trained national crisis organization that can be deployed at short notice at any time. - In addition, an effective international cooperation requires at the European level a subsidiary, unbureaucratic, readily available and flexible support, and in the UN/WHO an efficient, independent global pandemic monitoring and alarm system.
  4. In order to prevent the climate apocalypse announced by Greta Thunberg and the climate youth, Europe must go ahead with the most effective global climate program: In the "Citizens' Climate Alliance", all Europeans can, united with all willing citizens worldwide, as consumers and citizens at all levels of government (municipality, region, nation, UNO) commit themselves to create an efficient, globally sustainable climate protection program, including, specifically, a "climate cent" of willing countries on fossil fuels to finance the most effective climate protection measures, particularly in the poorest parts of the world, and to enhance climate-friendly international cooperation, incl. emission certificates, as well as an independent global UN climate monitoring.

  5. Concerning the war in Ukraine, both sides - the West with its strategy of confrontation and Russia with its policy of demoralization - seem ferociously determined to continue the war until the enemy is completely annihilated. A stalemate is threatening, an endless war of attrition that demands new victims on both sides every day, and leads to unspeakable suffering and destruction and a catastrophic global economic, environmental, democratic and identity crisis - a step backwards to the 20th century or even to the dark Ages, that could, in the worst case, end with a nuclear world war that no one wanted!

    Crucial for a quick end to the war is a face-saving compromise acceptable to both sides - e.g.
    with Russia in the status before the invasion, on 23/2/22 and with a neutral, confederal, democratic Ukraine - a compromise that will allow the Presidents of both countries to save their face and to go down in history as common victors of the war and founders of a Common European House, in which all European countries - including Russia and Ukraine - will live and work together in peace, freedom and prosperity!

B. A Democratic Constitution

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 195.9 KB


The present Constitution is based on the Swiss Federal Constitution and provides the legal basis for our European peace project, i.e. for: 

  • A new, diverse, democratic, confederal, subsidiary and prosperous Europe, that is open to all European countries, respectful of their different historical experiences and allows them to maintain and strengthen their political institutions, cultures, customs and languages;
  • An armed, neutral Europe, which - to protect its security and independence, to prevent wars, and  strengthen
    peace in the world - has its own strong, purely defensive army of willing countries only, serving exclusively to deter any potential aggressor from attacking;
  • A direct-democratic Europe, in which citizens have the last word in referenda on all important European issues, especially concerning their country's place in Europe, the accession of new member countries, the euro, refugees, climate change, Corona and the war in Europe;
  • A Europe to be created democratically, whose citizens elect their country's representatives to a Constitutional Council, then ratify the Constitution in a national referendum and finally implement and continue adapting it according to their needs by means of regular referenda.

This Constitution is short, concise and easily understandable for Europe's Sovereign, for us, empowered citizens throughout Europe - (16 pages, 21 §)*.

*) All details have to be regulated at the level of laws and ordinances.


C. E-Democracy


The platform gives us citizens throughout Europe the possibility to launch direct digital democracy (e-referenda, e-initiatives, e-voting) at the European level. As a result, for the first time ever, all citizens on an entire continent can today:

  • Sign a petition for our new Europe;
  • Communicate and discuss across borders on the blog "Our New Europe" with all citizens of Europe;
  • Form their opinion on all important European political issues: e.g. on the accession of new member countries, the European constitution, Corona, climate change, the war in Europe, refugees and the euro;
  • Regularly vote multiple-choice online, instead of, as so far, only rarely, "by hand", with yes/no answers;
  • Build our new Europe and further adapt it direct-democratically with the digital ballot paper!


3. We shall do it - together!

A. Why "Our New Europe"?

Europe is on the brink! - It is fundamentally threatened from outside and inside - by existential crises on the one hand, especially pandemics, climate change and the war in Ukraine - but on the other hand also by our politicians all over Europe, who do everything (without or even against us citizens) to maintain and increase their power. - Only we citizens all over Europe must, can and apparently really still want to save Europe now and to create a new Europe of Europeans, with and for us Europeans!  



What kind of Europe do you want?

Compromise and Cooperation or Confrontation and Escalation?

Trust or Hate? 


Europe's future is in the hands of us citizens - including you! - From Vladivostok to Reykjavik we are all called - for the first time ever in history - on - to choose, on one hand, between regression, standstill and progress - and, on the other hand, between escalation, an endless war of attrition and peace now:

  • Victory of the West or Russia? - We don't want an endless war of attrition with more and more hate, devastation and deaths every day, until Russia has to surrender unconditionally, no humiliating peace order dictated by the West, no gagged Russia looking for nothing but revenge, and above all no 3rd World War with (in the worst case) a nuclear inferno - e.g. after a nuclear attack, as Putin repeatedly has announce, as a last resort before his defeat!

    But we also do not want Ukraine's integration into a new Russian tsarist empire (actively or passively supported by China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa...?), no vassal state Ukraine, thus, no destruction of the West and its values, no Ukrainian puppet government installed by Russia (and China?) -  and certainly no European peace order dictated by Russia!
  • EU expansion, dismantling or transformation? - We neither want an ever more centralized top-down world power EU+ (USE) - without referenda and millions of frustrated citizens in permanent lockdown - nor the EU's dismantling through further exits: No return, thus, to nation states and wars like in the 19/20th century (EU-/Brexit+)! - Instead, we are asking for a fundamentally new, diverse Europe of empowered citizens, with and for us citizens throughout Europe (EU*)!

  • The 3rd path: We want a peaceful, decentralized, democratic, radically renewed, sustainable Europe for the 21st century, in which crises will no longer be solved with weapons and wars, but with reason, trust and understanding, negotiations and compromises - first and foremost the war in Ukraine - and in which all European countries, including Russia and Ukraine, live and work together in peace and for the benefit of all! 

The 3rd path: Our new Europe - our Peace project!

Our Common European House



B.  The 3rd Path: New Politicians and new Citizens!


We, a rapidly growing army of millions of despairing, frustrated men and women all over Europe, including Russia and Ukraine, would have no choice but to give up in view of the permanent crises that, in the worst case, endanger the existence of Europe and humanity - if we weren't all called upon and called upon, despite everything, to have faith and courage, to stand up and fight:


We, a rapidly growing army of millions of desperate, frustrated men and women all over Europe, especially also in Russia and the Ukraine, would - in front of the permanent crises  which (in the worst case) are endangering the very existence of Europe and humanity - have no choice but to despair - were we not all called to take confidence and courage, to stand up and fight:

  • Together and non-violently, persistently and undaunted - across all borders of countries, political parties, churches, religions and ideologies - in personal life and on all levels of community, region, country and Europe - and in the world!

  • For a peaceful, efficient and maximally effective management of all these crises - and for our new Europe, open to all countries and peoples between Vladivostok and Reykjavik, a Europe, which shall shine in the world for democracy, peace, freedom, human rights and human dignity!


We, many millions of empowered citizens across Europe are taking power now in our new Europe - with a huge, non-violent, pan-European (the whole world affecting) citizens' revolt - for peace, freedom, democracy and human rights! - Only we citizens can, must and apparently still want to really save Europe and the western values!


Citizens across Europe, unite!                                                                                                                     March 2023

Our new Europe: We seize Power by Ballot!

We, millions of citizens throughout Europe are asking for: 

  1. Peace now: We, many millions of empowered citizens across Europe, incl. Russia and Ukraine, want to seize power in Europe now, with a massive non-violent pan-European citizens' revolt online. We want peace now, a ceasefire and a face-saving compromise between Russia and Ukraine! - We want an immediate end to this horrible war, which is causing more and more victims, destruction, unspeakable misery and abysmal hatred between brother nations on both sides every day!

  2. New citizens - new politicians: With our sword of Damocles, referenda, we will transform millions of frustrated, patronized and sometimes oppressed citizens in permanent top-down lockdown, in Eastern and Western Europe, into active, committed, convinced Europeans - and our power-minded elites, plutocrats, autocrats, Eurocrats and bureaucrats into true servants of the people, ready to end the war immediately and to implement our new Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik together with, and for us, citizens!

  3. Our Peace Project - the 3rd Path: We want a new, diverse, democratic, prosperous, sustainable, independent and strong Europe, in which we citizens have the last word on all essential issues through referenda - first of all on  a long-lasting peace in Europe, which will make it possible for both Presidents, Putin and Zelensky, to go down in history as celebrated joint winners of the war and as far-sighted wise statesmen and founders of our open Common European House, in which all countries, including Russia and Ukraine, will live and work together in peace and for the benefit of all!  

Europe and peace in Europe are in your hands! - Here and now!





C. Democrats across Europe, unite!


We, a rapidly growing army of millions of desperate, frustrated men and women all over Europe, especially also in Russia and Ukraine, would - in view of the permanent crises, which, in the worst case, is endangering the very existence of Europe and humanity - have no choice but let every hope go - if all of us weren't, despite of all, called upon to gain confidence and take courage - and to stand up and fight:

  • Together, non-violently, persistently and undauntedly - across all borders of countries, political parties, churches, religions and ideologies - in personal life and on all levels of community, region, country and Europe - and in the world!

  • For a peaceful, innovative, efficient and maximally effective management of all these crises - and for our new Europe, open to all countries and peoples between Vladivostok and Reykjavik, a Europe, shining in the world for democracy, peace, freedom, human rights and human dignity! 



Citizens' Alliance throughout Europe

Across countries, parties, religions, churches and ideologies!



All supporters, opponents and critics of the EU and all friends and activists of peace throughout Europe are called to fight for peace, freedom and democracy in our new Europe:

  • We, ever-increasing legions of peace-loving, desperate people all over Europe, want to resolve the global crises - climate change, pandemics, refugees, war in Ukraine...- together, peacefully, efficiently, effectively, bottom-up, online and offline, democratically, diversely - with referenda on as many levels as possible!
  • We, millions of concerned EU supporters, want to avoid a paralysis or a collapse of the EU by all means, and to fundamentally reform Europe as a community of values, bottom-up! - That's why we are actively committed to encourage our country's participation in the politically integrated core of our new Europe!
  • We, millions of benevolent opponents of the EU, want to preserve our country's sovereignty and to successfully cooperate with all countries of the world for the benefit of all! - That's why we actively support our country's participation in the European Free Trade Area or in the Common Market!
  • We, millions of far-sighted critics of the EU, finally want to emancipate ourselves and take responsibility and power in Europe - by voting now for our new Europe, together with all our friends and acquaintances, thus triggering in our country an irresistible avalanche of votes for "Our new Europe"!
  • We, many millions of frustrated European citizens, want to have the last word on all essential issues in our new Europe (and if possible also in our country)! - That's why we are actively participating in our massive non-violent pan-European citizens' revolt and in our democratic manifesto for peace, freedom and a new Europe - here and now!


Only we millions of empowered citizens can and must do it!

 Together - throughout Europe! 

With trust, understanding, common sense, negotiations, compromise and cooperation!