Bild:  Wir schaffen das! - Mit einer gewaltfreien Revolte vieler Millionen Bürger ganz Europas und der USA - online vereint!
Wir schaffen das! - Mit einer gewaltigen gewaltfreien Revolte vieler Millionen Bürgerinnen und Bürger - online vereint!

Citizens' Revolt Online!

Democrats and fighters for peace in all countries - unite!

Image. We can and must do it - together with you!
We can and must do it - together with you!

Urgent Clarion Call on all EU Diehards, EU Opponents and EU Critics!



Regardless of all Frontiers, Trenches, Fences and Walls


between Countries, Parties, Religions and Ideologies!


All citizens across Europe and the USA - supporters, opponents and critics of the EU, climate deniers and climate gluers, peace activists and pacifists, Putin haters and Putin understanders, also in Russia and Ukraine - are called upon to fight for our new global Peace Project - for peace, freedom, democracy, prosperity and sustainability, human rights and human dignity!

  • The many millions of friends of peace throughout the Western world who are calling to quickly end the war in Ukraine and that future conflicts should never agаin be coped with with hatred, violence, weapons and ever more wars, but peacefully, with reason and negotiations, compromises and referenda!
  • All concerned EU supporters who are committed to their country's participation in the politically integrated core of Europe, but want to avoid the Union's disintegration by completely restructuring and prevent the West's division with a complete reset of relations between the EU and the USA!
  • All well-disposed EU opponents throughout Europe and in the USA who are committed to their country's participation in the European Free Trade Association or in the new Common European Market, but want to cooperate successfully with all countries in the world and remain politically independent!
  • All responsible EU critics who, throughout Europe - including in Russia and Ukraine - are campaigning on for a new, diverse, democratic, peaceful and free Europe and for a global Peace project and who are ready to fight for it together with their friends and acquaintances!
  • All the many millions of empowered citizens across Europe, from Vladivostok to Reykjavik and in the USA, who want to tame their politicians with the sword of Damocles referenda, and force them to implement our new Europe and our global Peace project democratically, by fundamentally restructuring the EU! 


We millions of citizens can and must do it!
Together! - Now!