War in Europe! - Corona! - Climate Apocalypse!

Our New Europe - Global Peace Project!

For Democracy, Peace, Freedom and Empowered Citizens!



Roadmap for a New Global Era!



 IUkraine/Corona/Climate crises - Chance for Our New Europe and a New World in century 21!

  • 2023/24 - Citizens' revolt on www.our-new-europe.eu/en: Millions of citizens in all European countries and in the USA, incl. Russia and Ukraine, are sick of of ou power politicians who break their word. We demand to immediately end to the war and the misery of refugees and a new, diverse, democratic, a bit "Swiss-like" Europe - a turning point of History!

    2024/25 - 
    Putin and Zelenskiy end the war in Ukraine with a compromise and go down in history together as victors of the war and founders of a Common European House in which all countries and peoples live and work peacefully together, for the benefit of Europe and the whole world!

II. We take power and responsibility! - At first in Europe! - With the ballot sheet! 

  • 2025 - 1st pan-European referendum: "Which place shall your country take in Europe: 
    • In the politically integrated Core Europe: Common economic, foreign and defence policy: B,F,L,LV,LT,EST,..?
    • In the European free trade zone: National Independence, global cooperation, Brexit+: GB,RUS,UKR?
    • In the Common market: Free movement of goods and services, political independence: CH,D,H,..?

  • 2026/31 - Constitution: National elections (2026) - Ratification in 2030/31 in all participating countries!
  • 2032/... - Adaptions by ballot sheet as required: Referenda on legislation and Const. Intitiatives - à la Suisse!






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The USA - New Partner of "Our new Europe"!

Voting right for all European and US citizens!



Europe and USA

United in Fighting for a New World Order!


The USA - Global Superpower No. 1 - has always been the leading defender of freedom, democracy and human rights around the world - and the most important partner and protector of Europe and its values!

All Americans - like all Europeans from Vladivostok to Reykjavik - can now vote on www.our-new-europe.eu, especially on the global crises that determine our fate (e.g. refugees, climate change and war in Ukraine). We many millions of citizens across Europe and the USA then want to force our politicians to immediately end the terrible war and to implement a new world order based on the Western values of democracy, freedom and human rights - with referenda, bottom-up! 


Participation is extremely easy: You can either answer the 11 questions of “Our new Europe” (see results table above) with one of the lists A, B or C (EU+ reinforced, EU- weakened or Europe transformed), with 1 click only - or by clicking once on each of the 11 question you decide to answer on the questionnaire (ballot D)!


Please mobilize now also your American friends and acquaintances!