I. Our vision becomes reality - in 3 steps!

Peace now - and a Europe of us citizens within 10 years!

Europe today - it's 5 to 12!

a) On the edge of the abyss!


Our politicians in the East and in the West are leading us straight into chaos:

  • The humiliating total defeat of Russia on the battlefield desired by the West harbors the danger of an uncontrollable escalation with unforeseeable consequences - up to a 3rd World War! 
  • Russia's pursuit of Ukraine's total subjugation could result in a totalitarian "top-down Europe" under Russian (and Chinese?) rule!
  • The long war of attrition of indefinite duration that is appearing requires more human victims every day and generates unspeakable suffering, misery, destruction and hatred on both sides!

b) We citizens pay the bill - with our lives!


In order to maintain their power, politicians throughout the world are willing to stop at nothing and even to sacrifice many thousands of their citizens, if necessary!


That is why we, many millions of citizens all over Europe, must now jointly take power and responsibility in Europe, empower ourselves, finally, with our sword of Damocles referenda, on www.our-new-europe.eu - and transform our politicians into true servants of the people, who will end the war without delay and build our new Europe together with us! 


c) Direct democracy - with the digital tools of the 21st century!


On www.our-new-europe.eu, all citizens throughout Europe are invited to exchange their opinions freely and openly, across all borders - and vote and fight for their Europe direct-democratically online - with e-referenda, e-initiatives, e-voting and e-petitions! 


For the first time in history, we Europeans have thus the opportunity to choose our Europe (Brussels+, Brexit+ or Citizens+) and to decide how to deal with the crises (above all refugees, pandemics, climate change and war in Europe) that will decisively determine the future of Europe and of humanity as a whole and threaten existentially our own future!



1st step - now: Our new Europe of us citizens!

a) Seizure of power with the ballot sheet - together - bottom-up!


We shall infect all Europe, including Brussels, Moscow and Kiev, with our irresistible virus of democracy and peace - and we shall take power and responsibility in our new Europe with our rapidly growing army of citizens, that can be mobilized at any time on www.our-new-europe.eu - thus transforming the many millions of Eastern and Western European citizens who have been frustrated, and in some cases oppressed for years, into committed, empowered, convinced Europeans!


b) Autocrats and bureaucrats turning into true servants of the people!


At the same time, we shall turn, with our sword of Damocles referenda, all our eurocrats, bureaucrats, plutocrats and autocrats into obedient servants of the people who declare their willingness to make peace immediately, with a face-saving compromise "Minsk II+", so that Putin and Zelensky (or their successors) will go down in history as wise heads of state and celebrated victors of the war, and as co-founders of an open Common European House in which all countries and peoples, including Russia and Ukraine, will cooperate and live together peacefully  and for the benefit of all Europe! - While we citizens throughout Europe emerge from the war as its true victors!



2nd step - 2025: Our country's role in Europe!


We shall define, in the first pan-European referendum, our country's role in our new, diverse, multilingual, democratic, "Swiss" Europe: 

  • In the politically integrated core of Europe - with common economic, foreign and security policies and a purely dissuasive army of willing nations to deter any potential attacker (e.g. D, F, B, NL, E, P, L, PL, FIN, EST, LT, LV...?);

  • In a large European free trade area - in which politically independent nations can work peacefully and prosperously with all countries in the world, including Europe (e.g. GB, RUS, UA, BY...?);

  • In the Common European Market - with free movement of goods and services, but not of people and without the euro, in which politically independent, voluntarily associated countries work together peacefully and prosperously (e.g. CH, FL, DK, S, N, IRL, I, GR, TR...?).


This is the first - and the most important - decision of all, with which we citizens throughout Europe will determine the future of our country and of Europe - a decision that we can later revise at any time in accordance with our new European Constitution:



3rd step - 2025-34: Our new European Constitution!

(Draft, inspired by the Swiss Federal Constitution)


We citizens across Europe elect our representatives in the Constitutional Council in each country. We then ratify the Constitution, passed by the Council, in national referenda (approx. 2030) - and adapt them to the changing framework conditions, as required, by means of legislative referenda.


On this democratic path, we determine our new European Constitution - and, with it, the legal basis of our new Constitutional state, our Peace project and our Community of values!



Conclusion: Only together can we do it!

a) With the general right to vote for all citizens throughout Europe!


In our new Europe, all citizens throughout Europe, in and outside the EU, are entitled and obliged to vote, i.e. also in Switzerland, Great Britain, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, as well as in Russia, in the Ukraine and Belarus (total 51 countries)! 


All Europeans between Vladivostok and Reykjavik - EU supporters, opponents and skeptics; peace activists and pacifists; Putin supporters, Putin understanders and Putin haters; climate activists, climate change skeptics and deniers; populists and idealists; optimists, pessimists and realists, the «Good» and the «Bad» people - we are all called upon - across all existing ditches, walls and iron curtains, within and between countries, political parties, religions and ideologies - to exercise our right to vote as an honour, responsibly and dutifully! 



b) With your personal commitment!


Getting started is easy! - A few clicks will do -

on social media and on www.our-new-europe.eu:

  1. Choose your Europe now - 1 click! 
  2. Sign at the same time the Petition for our new Europe - 1 click!
  3. Multiple you vote today - 1 email/tweet... to all your friends!

If many millions of citizens across Europe act in exactly the same way, we will end the war in Europe immediately and implement our new Europe - our vision of peace - together with our newly elected politicians!


c) With our community of destiny to save Europe and peace now!


In view of Europe's terrible experiences with murderous wars, especially in the 20th century and now again - in a war in Ukraine that for many was unimaginable - we want:

  1. Make peace immediately without weapons! - By trusting in common sense, open talks, (if necessary tough) negotiations, a compromise that saves face for both sides - and especially in fruitful cooperation serving all countries and peoples!

  2. No more war in Europe! - Instead of the prevailing motto "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" and ever more hate, violence, escalation and confrontation, we rely on cooperation, understanding and reconciliation - and, to overcome crises, on empowered, courageous citizens, equipped with the sword of Damocles referenda!

  3. Create a lighthouse - to shine in Europe and around the world for peace, freedom, democracy, welfare, human rights and human dignity! 

We, millions of sovereign citizens across Europe, can do it! - Together! - Here and now - With the ballot sheet! - Join our community of destiny to save peace and Europe now!


Europe's fate is in our an in your hands!



Bild: Mit dem Stimmzettel - unserem Damoklesschwert!
Mit dem Stimmzettel - unserem Damoklesschwert!

II. Who is hiding behind it?

Image: Swiss citizen! - Convinced European! - Democrat!
Swiss citizen! - Convinced European! - Democrat!


 Die Geschichte "Our new Europe":

  • 1960 Starting point: As a Swiss citizen and convinced European, I came to the conclusion, during my studies in the early 1960s, after reading the works of the Swiss political philosopher, writer and pioneer for a unification of Europe, Denis de Rougemont, that only a democratic, federal, diverse, multilingual, subsidiary, a bit more "Swiss" Europe can have a sustainable success!
  • In 1967, after my studies at ETH Zurich (Dipl.ing.chem., chemical engineer, then Dr.sc.techn. in business administration), I worked for 2 years in the Swiss chemical industry, then 5 years in Algeria as a consultant for the state oil and gas company SONATRACH.
  • 1974-2004, I was a federal official in the Federal Office of Energy, initially responsible for creating energy scenarios and after 1991 for their implementation. The "Energy 2000" and then "EnergySwitzerland" partnership programs set up by the Federal Council and managed by me should - in voluntary cooperation between the economy, environmental organisations, cantons, municipalities and the relevant federal agencies - make the greatest possible contribution to achieving the energy and climate policy goals of Switzerland - with a budget of CHF 50 million per year (!) to promote energy efficiency and renewable energies! 

    During this time, I had the chance, as a Swiss delegate to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris, to follow closely, on the spot, the developments of international and European energy policies . The completely undemocratic way, from a Swiss point of view, to elaborate the new "European Constitution" (2001 to 2009; 454 pages), prompted me to draft a Constitution for our new Europe (20 pages) that is understandable for the average citizen and inspired by the Swiss Federal Constitution.
  • In 2004, after my retirement, I used my professional experience as a member of the board of trustees of the Climate Cent Foundation, which was mandated by the Federal Council to ensure that Switzerland will be able to meet its Kyoto climate targets with the income of a voluntary "climate cent" on motor fuels to finance measures to reduce CO2 emissions in Switzerland and abroad.
  • In 2014 I finally decided - in view of the EU, which was being shaken by ever more severe crises (euro, refugees, Brexit, climate change, pandemics, war in the Ukraine) - to create the online referendum "Our new Europe". - All citizens in 51 countries were thus given the opportunity, for the first time, to choose their Europe (Brussels+, Brexit+ or Citizen+) and their favourite way how to deal with the crises that determine decisively the fate of Europe, the world and humanity as a whole, and thus our own future. 


A question of Trust:


The most important "spiritual father" of my "hobby Our new Europe" is  the world's probably best-known theologian,  psychoanalyst and writer Eugen Drewermann, of whom I read more than 100 books over the past 40 years, and of whom I excitedly followed countless lectures, sermons and interviews, personally and in the media - especially on his YouTube channel.


His long power struggle with the Vatican, his critical examination of the other world religions and natural sciences, his reinterpretation of the Bible, his uncompromising commitment to the preservation of the creation and of peace, his firm belief in the good in every human being and in a merciful God, who lets the sun rise over "good" and "evil" men and women, as well as his unshakable proclamation of the stirring, not at all easily implementable message of the man from Nazareth - especially in times of war - convinced me too: "Love your enemies!"


As a Swiss citizen and convinced European, my trust in us empowered citizens throughout Europe and in direct democracy is, however, just as strong! - Only we, many millions of Europeans, can still and must now save Europe - together - armed with our sword of Damocles referenda! - That is how we shall convince our politicians from Moscow via Kiev to Brussels to finally let common sense prevail and to create peace without weapons, in a dialogue, with negotiations and with a fair compromise, in order to be able to build our new Common European House, where all European countries and peoples will cooperate and live together in peace and for the good of all!



Together we can  and must do it - with the ballot sheet - if we want!






III. Guest article on the war in Europe

Bild: Vasyl Muravytskyi
Vasyl Muravytskyi


Experiences of a Russian-speaking Ukrainian journalist


(Ukraine 2014-2024)



A. My bаsiс questions and answers about the war

  1. Can I support the Russian military operation in Ukraine? - No! I don't support any war!
  2. Does this mean that we should wish the Ukrainian leadership victory?Perhaps!
  3. But what should I do when I realize that the Ukrainian leadership sometimes behaves just
    as badly as the Russian one - e.g. when they want to ban the Russian language, culture and history, which shaped large parts of Ukraine for centuries - and when I know that Ukraine is about as far away from the idea of a liberal, free European constitutional state as Russia is?What does all this mean for Russia, Ukraine and Europe?

Europe has played so far a very understandable but increasingly dangerous role in this war, given the Russian attack on Ukraine, which the West has unanimously condemned! With ever tougher sanctions against Russia and the delivery of ever heavier weapons to Ukraine, Europe is becoming more and more a war party on the side of Ukraine! - As a result, based on my knowledge of Russian culture and power structures and their peculiarities, Russia will try to wage and to win (together with China?) an endless war of attrition, inflicting unacceptable, huge losses on Ukraine, in order to weaken Europe and its values severely and permanently!


Europe must therefore become a peace broker and follow Switzerland's example! – Which, in my opinion, until recently, did everything responsibly, convincingly and correctly, but must now concentrate even more consistently than so far, on providing humanitarian and reconstruction help – to remain neutral and credible (in the sense of the ICRC and the OSCE) and to be approved by both sides! - Switzerland, together with Europe, must resolutely strive for a lasting, rapid peace by means of mutually accepted negotiations and compromises!

B. My experience validated by Amnesty International (AI)! 


Because of my journalistic reporting on the humanitarian blockade and aid to the Russian-occupied areas in eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) accused me of terrorist activities as early as 2014, even though I had never been to Donetsk or Lugansk before, never contacted separatists and never held a weapon in my hand!

On August 2, 2017, I was then accused by the SBU of high treasonof threatening the territorial integrity of Ukraine, participating in a terrorist organization, inciting hatred and taken into custody (subsequently extended several times) in the maternity hospital (!) of Zhytomyr (120 km west of Kiev), shortly after the birth of my son - I spent totally one year in prison and two years under house arrest, before I managed to escape to Finland in the summer of 2021.

The world-renowned human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) played a crucial role by taking on my  case, unique for them, too, and verifying all my statements. On December 20, 2017, AI testified to the authenticity of my experience in its internationally published appeal, calling on the Ukrainian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release me from custody and drop all charges against me, and confirming that:

  1. I was persecuted for expressing my opinions publicly and freely, using the Russian press agency RIA Novosti as source of information. Both freedom of opinion and the free choice of sources of information are important prerequisites to exercise the profession of every journalist. 
    As a member of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)
    and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), Ukraine has promised to guarantee freedom of opinion and speech, including especially also for journalists!
  2. The documents absolutely necessary for a fair trial had not been made available to
    me and to my lawyers, 
    in particular the details and reasons for the charges brought against me and a list of my allegedly illegal publications!
  3. The SBU repeatedly put massive pressure on me, my wife and acquaintances, including house searches, in order to use them for testifying against me! - On October 24, November 2 and December 20, 2017, the deliberations of the regional parliament in Zhytomyr were interrupted by members of a paramilitary Ukrainian volunteer organization in riot gear, crying  "death" for «separatists» (like me), and massively disturbed by a group of women shouting «traitors» (probably addressed at me) –  all this without having ever been officially investigated thereafter! Under these circumstances, fair procedures are obviously impossible!

I am now completely disillusioned with the Ukrainian justice system. I have received documents proving that the judge who ordered my arrest was in close contact with my accusers. In addition, security officers violently attacked me and my lawyer, and also threatened other judges working on my case. I felt left alone fighting a system of government that didn't obey any laws when I ONLY wanted to obey the law! - Today the SBU has a totally free hand, even for extrajudicial executions! If I were to return to my homeland now, this would mean prison or death for sure!



C. Conclusion: Wars do not solve any problems - they only create new ones!


The war Ukraine makes things a hundredfold worse for all! It does not solve the problems of Ukraine, nor of Russia, of Europe, or of the USA! On the contrary, it is leading to more and more chaos, it causes more and more victims, suffering and deaths on both sides every day, and is sowing more and more hatred between the former brother peoples!


Therefore, there is only one way out of this vicious circle of ever more revenge and violence, ever deadlier weapons and bloodier wars: Common sense, understanding, and a willingness to forgive – i.e., concretely a truce, negotiations and compromises - now!"





IV. Europe needs YOU!





Fighters for peace, democracy and a Europe of the citizens!

 Ambassadors and campaign leaders in each of the 51 unique European countries! 

  1. Multiply* now* your vote with the help of all your friends and acquaintances on all networks and media!
  2. Launch a huge viral* online* campaign for democracy and peace on www.our-new-europe.eu! - Lead your country to win the All European Democracy Contest! - Share the good news on our Blog! - Contact us!
  3. Implement our new, а bit more Swiss-like Europe, with millions* of empowered citizens, using our sword of Damocles referenda - together with our newly elected politicians - also in Moscow, Kyiv and "Brussels"!

We millions* of convinced Europeans can and must do it! - E-democratically! - Here and now!


*Model exponential growth (corona unchecked): after 10 days 1000, after 20 days 1 million votes - etc.!






Citizens throughout Europe, unite!                                                                                                                             February 2023



For a new Europe of all citizens in all European Countries!


To Europe’s politicians, members of:

- the European Parliament
- the European Council
- the European Commission
- the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
- the national Parliaments and Governments of 51 European countries

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We, the undersigned citizens of 51 European countries, call for a new, peaceful and democratic,
diverse, confederal and subsidiary, strong, prosperous and sustainable Europe for the 21st century,.
a Europe that protects its minorities and in which we can all live together in peace and freedom. -
In particular, we are asking for: 

1.   A peaceful, diverse, democratic Europe, open to all European countries - incl. Russia and Ukraine - allowing each one, given its rich specific historical experiences, to maintain its own institutions, cultures and languages and to cooperate together in many different ways, peacefully and successfully, for the common benefit of Europe!

2.   A subsidiary Europe, in which shall be delegated to "Europe" only what is absolutely
, but not what free, peacefully cooperating countries can regulate themselves just as
well or even better!


3.   A direct-democratic Europe, in which we empowered citizens shall have the last word on all important issues with referenda - e.g., on our country’s role in Europe, the accession of new
member countries and also on crises, in particular on refugees, 
pandemics, climate change and
the war in Europe!

4.   A Europe in which such crises will never again be settled with wars, but peacefully, with the ballot sheet, on the basis of - if necessary - difficult negotiations and with fair compromises - and consistently be used as opportunities to strengthen democracy, peace and freedom, security, welfare and human rights - throughout Europe!

5.   A strong, neutral Europe, which - to maintain its security and independence, to prevent wars and
to strengthen peace
 in the world - will use its purely defensive army (consisting of willing countries only) - exclusively to convert any potential aggressor into a valuable partner, cooperating successfully forthe benefit of Europe!

6.   A Europe to be created democratically with a future-oriented constitution, for which the citizens elect their country’s representatives to the constitutional council, then ratify the constitution in a national referendum and finally implement and further develop it in regular referenda according to their future needs!


Alarmed by the severe crises and the war in Europe, we millions of citizens are calling on you, Ladies
and Gentlemen in Eastern and Western Europe, with our peaceful pan-European online revolt, to start peace negotiations immediately, to lift mutual sanctions and to implement our new Europe democratically without delay, together with us!

Together with you, Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of Governments and of Parliaments across Europe, 
we can and must do it - a new era of peace, freedom, democracy and human rights - bottom-up - 
e-democratically - for the whole world - now! 

Thank you very much!

Your empowered, responsible citizens
(last name, first name, country)