Изображение:   В нашей новой Европе мы граждане решаем прямо-демократичным образом - с бюллетенем! - Foto: Infosperber
В нашей новой Европе мы граждане решаем прямо-демократичным образом - с бюллетенем! - Foto: Infosperber

We citizens shall do it!





 1. Confidence! 


Referenda are the best weapon to establish mutual trust between Europe and us citizens! They will empower us - and transform our politicians into true servants of the people, willing to fight for peace, freedom, democracy and human rights!


Nothing strengthens our trust in our authorities, our certainty that we are taken seriously by "Europe", our sense of belonging together and our political commitment as much as constitutionally stipulated referenda - as the Swiss have proven many times a year since more than 100 years!


Nothing, however destroys our trust in politics more than politicians who ignore, disregard or reject referenda - regardless on which level - and misuse them for their own purposes, or have them repeated until the results suit them! - As this unfortunately happens again and again, in Europe, too! 



2. A New Constitution! 



The Constitution for our new, diverse, democratic Europe must meet the following three criteria: 

  1. It has to be created democratically, i.e. by a Constitutional Council elected by us citizens - and then ratified in referenda in every country!

    Not like the EU "Constitution" 2001-2009, which was drawn up by a "European Convention", not elected by the citizens, and then put into force by the EU - despite negative results in referenda in Ireland, France and the Netherlands - as the 454-page "Lisbon Treaty"!

  2. The Constitution has to be short and easy to understand, even for ordinary citizens - somewhat like the (by the Swiss Federal Constitution inspired) present draft, which contains a bare 21 paragraphs on 16 pages only! - All details have to be regulated by law and ordinances.

  3. We citizens must have the possibility to revise the Constitution any time by means of a Constitutional initiative - because we are Europe's Sovereign and we have the final word on all of its essential issues!


3. A Platform online for All of Us!



On the platform www.our-new-europe.eu, we citizens throughout Europe and the USA can for the fist time communicate freely with each other across all borders: 

  • The blog "Our New Europe" gives us the opportunity to freely express, discuss and to find our own opinion, including on all the existential global crises threatening us (refugees, climate change, pandemics, wars..)!

  • We, millions of us, will sign the online Petition for our new Europe, forcing our politicians to immediately create peace without weapons and, together with us, to realize our Common European House open to all European countries, our Global Peace Project!

  • E-referenda, e-initiatives and e-elections enable us to decide ourselves on all important European issues, to emancipate ourselves and thereby to assume power and responsibility for Europe!  



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