Your choice!

Your strategy for Europe in the Ukrainian war?


A. Superpower USE

Victory of the West and Ukraine! 
Unconditional surrender of Russia!

Image: Thanks to ever more power for top-down Union!  -, 16.7.19
Thanks to ever more power for top-down Union!


B. Europe of Nation States

Dialogue - Compromise - Peace!

Russia and Ukraine as winners!


Image: West in unison for Ukraine under US dominance!
West in unison for Ukraine under US dominance!


C. Europe of all Europeans 

New era with the ballot sheet!

Peace+freedom - instead of war+violence!

Image: Citizens' revolt with sword of Damocles referenda!
Citizens' revolt with sword of Damocles referenda!



1. Vote for your Europe!

Choose one of the ballots A-D! - 1 click will do!


Image: EU Flag - Centralized Power!
Centralized Power!




"Brussels" full power


   Superpower USE:

   - USE Army worldwide!
   - War against Russia!

   Ever Closer Union:

   - Green Deal climate rescue!

   -  1'000'000'000'000 € help! 

"Brussels" decides!


Image: Ballot A - More power to Brussels!
Image: Flag USE - EU  power dream!
EU power dream!
Image: Brexit -A chance for the UK and the EU!
A chance for the UK and the EU!



B. EU- Reformed
Variable Geometry


  Core EU top-down+:

   - Economic + Crisis Union! 
- EU foreign policy + Army! 

   Free Trade Zone:

   - Independent nations!      

    - Russia, Ukraine, GB, CH..

 Nations decide!


Image: Ballot B - Brexit, all shall benefit!
Image: UK Flag - EU: Efficient cooperation!
EU: Efficient cooperation!
"Flag" Our New Europe -We citizens decide!
We citizens decide!



C.  EU* Renewed
Citizens - Referenda 


   Peace Project Europe:

   - Armed Neutrality! 
- Defensive Army for Peace!

   Diverse and democratic:

  - Federalistic, decentralized!

  - Core Europe + Free Trade!   


We millions decide!


Image: Ballot C - Citizens
Picture: EU nightmare!
Picture:  No preset ballot voters!
No preset ballot voters!




 If you don't want to answer with one of the lists A, B, C, please answer at least one of the 11 questions, e.g.:

 4: Petition - 9: Ukraine

10: Climate - 11: Corona


You decide! 

Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)



2. Multiply your vote!

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3. Our manifesto

for democracy!
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4. Constitution

for our new Europe!
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5. Our rule of law!

Our New Europe
 Draft Constitution (Preamble) 


Trusting the mercy of God,

We, Europe’s sovereign, the citizens of all participating countries, based on the referendum of …, enact the following Constitution of our new, democratic and diverse, subsidiary, decentralized and confederal, independent, neutral, defensively armed, sustainable and prospering Community of Europeans States (CES), open to all European countries, in which we citizens have the last word on all essential issues by referenda, and which commits itself worldwide in solidarity and non-violently for democracy, peace and freedom, security and welfare, human rights and human dignity. 



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