Image: A Euope of Democracy; Martin Schulz, EU elections 2014
Europe at the abyss - Martin Schulz 21-12-15 (Image: EU elections 2014,

Europe on the Brink of the Abyss

Today, the warning expressed by Martin Schulz, former President of the European Parliament in 2015,  is more еvident than ever: The humanity’s fate is threatened by existential global crises - wars, climate change, refugee misery and pandemics!


The EU has so far only had one strategy for dealing with the crises: An ever closer, more powerful, more centralized and larger union! This is even more true today! As the United States of Europe (USE), “Brussels” wants to take a leading role in defending Western values and overcoming global crises. To this end, the EU is calling  for its own strong army and a common, centralized foreign and defense, economic, fiscal and social, climate and public health policy - i.e. rearmament and eastward expansion!


The citizens are left on the side! Referenda at EU level shall not exist; national referenda on EU issues shall be avoided as much as possible, unwelcome referenda ignored, rejected or reinterpreted - such as the rejection of 

the new European Constitution in France, Holland and Ireland in 2005. More and more European citizens feel disavowed, frustrated and not taken seriously by “Brussels”!


For the first time, “Our New Europe” gives all citizens across Europe the opportunity to take part in a fundamental discussion about the future of Europe between more and more “Brussels”, on the one hand, and a Europe of sovereign Nation States cooperating with the whole world, on the other hand: A diverse, democratic, prosperous, somewhat “Swiss-like” Europe of the citizens, with and for all citizens across Europe!


What kind of Europe, what kind of democracy do Europeans want? Do they want to continue to leave Europe’s  future in the hands of  their politicians, or do they want to take power and responsibility themselves and decide on all European key issues themselves - with the ballot sheet?