Europe needs you!




Fighters for peace, democracy and a Europe of the citizens!

 Ambassadors and campaign leaders in each of the 51 unique European countries! 

  1. Multiply* now* your vote with the help of all your friends and acquaintances on all networks and media!
  2. Launch a huge viral* online* campaign for democracy and peace on! - Lead your country to win the All European Democracy Contest! - Share the good news on our Blog! - Contact us!
  3. Implement our new, а bit more Swiss-like Europe, with millions* of empowered citizens, using our sword of Damocles referenda - together with our newly elected politicians - also in Moscow, Kyiv and "Brussels"!

We millions* of convinced Europeans can and must do it! - E-democratically! - Here and now!


*Model exponential growth (corona unchecked): after 10 days 1000, after 20 days 1 million votes - etc.!