Image: Let's seize power with the ballot sheet! - Here and now! - Here and now!
Let's seize power with the ballot sheet! - Here and now!

Democrats across Europe - unite!


We, a rapidly growing army of millions of desperate, frustrated men and women all over Europe, especially also in Russia and Ukraine, would - in view of the permanent crises, which, in the worst case, is endangering the very existence of Europe and humanity - have no choice but let every hope go - if all of us weren't, despite of all, called upon to gain confidence and take courage - and to stand up and fight:

  • Together, non-violently, persistently and undauntedly - across all borders of countries, political parties, churches, religions and ideologies - in personal life and on all levels of community, region, country and Europe - and in the world!

  • For a peaceful, innovative, efficient and maximally effective management of all these crises - and for our new Europe, open to all countries and peoples between Vladivostok and Reykjavik, a Europe, shining in the world for democracy, peace, freedom, human rights and human dignity! 



Citizens' Alliance throughout Europe

Across countries, parties, religions, churches and ideologies!



All supporters, opponents and critics of the EU and all friends and activists of peace throughout Europe are called to fight for peace, freedom and democracy in our new Europe:

  • We, ever-increasing legions of peace-loving, desperate people all over Europe, want to resolve the global crises - climate change, pandemics, refugees, war in Ukraine...- together, peacefully, efficiently, effectively, bottom-up, online and offline, democratically, diversely - with referenda on as many levels as possible!
  • We, millions of concerned EU supporters, want to avoid a paralysis or a collapse of the EU by all means, and to fundamentally reform Europe as a community of values, bottom-up! - That's why we are actively committed to encourage our country's participation in the politically integrated core of our new Europe!
  • We, millions of benevolent opponents of the EU, want to preserve our country's sovereignty and to successfully cooperate with all countries of the world for the benefit of all! - That's why we actively support our country's participation in the European Free Trade Area or in the Common Market!
  • We, millions of far-sighted critics of the EU, finally want to emancipate ourselves and take responsibility and power in Europe - by voting now for our new Europe, together with all our friends and acquaintances, thus triggering in our country an irresistible avalanche of votes for "Our new Europe"!
  • We, many millions of frustrated European citizens, want to have the last word on all essential issues in our new Europe (and if possible also in our country)! - That's why we are actively participating in our massive non-violent pan-European citizens' revolt and in our democratic manifesto for peace, freedom and a new Europe - here and now!


Only we millions of empowered citizens can and must do it!

 Together - throughout Europe! 

With trust, understanding, common sense, negotiations, compromise and cooperation!