Let's do it - together!


Citizens across Europe, unite!                                                                                                                     March 2023

Our new Europe: We seize Power by Ballot!

We, millions of citizens throughout Europe are asking for: 

  1. Peace now: We, many millions of empowered citizens across Europe, incl. Russia and Ukraine, want to seize power in Europe now, with a massive non-violent pan-European citizens' revolt online. We want peace now, a ceasefire and a face-saving compromise between Russia and Ukraine! - We want an immediate end to this horrible war, which is causing more and more victims, destruction, unspeakable misery and abysmal hatred between brother nations on both sides every day!

  2. New citizens - new politicians: With our sword of Damocles, referenda, we will transform millions of frustrated, patronized and sometimes oppressed citizens in permanent top-down lockdown, in Eastern and Western Europe, into active, committed, convinced Europeans - and our power-minded elites, plutocrats, autocrats, Eurocrats and bureaucrats into true servants of the people, ready to end the war immediately and to implement our new Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik together with, and for us, citizens!

  3. Our Peace Project - the 3rd Path: We want a new, diverse, democratic, prosperous, sustainable, independent and strong Europe, in which we citizens have the last word on all essential issues through referenda - first of all on  a long-lasting peace in Europe, which will make it possible for both Presidents, Putin and Zelensky, to go down in history as celebrated joint winners of the war and as far-sighted wise statesmen and founders of our open Common European House, in which all countries, including Russia and Ukraine, will live and work together in peace and for the benefit of all!  

Europe and peace in Europe are in your hands! - Here and now!





Image. Citizens' revolt online: Choose your Europe and launch a campaign with your friends for our new Europe of the citizens - with and for all citizens throughout Europe!
Citizens' revolt online: Choose your Europe and launch a campaign with your friends for our new Europe of the citizens - with and for all citizens throughout Europe!




Our New Europe within 10 years:

    I. Ukraine/Corona/climate reset for a new, diverse, democratic Europe in the 21st century 

  • 2023/24 - Citizens' Revolt on www.our-new-europe.eu: Millions of citizens across Europe, incl. in  Russia and in Ukraine, ask for all countries and peoples a mutually beneficial cooperation throughout Europe!
  • 2024/25 - Turn of an era: The newly elected politicians will go down in history as the founders of our Peace Project - a beacon in the world for democracy, peace, freedom, prosperity and human rights

    II. Takeover of power with referenda - bottom-up - throughout Europe

  • 2025 - First Pan-European Referendum: What role shall your country play in our new Europe:
    • In the politically integrated core Europe: Common economic/foreign/security policy: B,F,L,LV,LT,EST,..?
    • In the European Free Trade Area: National independence, global cooperation, Brexit: GB,RUS,UA,..?
    • In the Common Market: Free movement of goods and services, political independence: CH,D,Hk !
  • 2026/31 - Constitution: National elections of the Const. Council (2026) - Ratified in national referenda (2030/31)!
  • 2032/... - Regular amendments by ballot: Legislative referenda and constitutional initiatives - forever!




Citizens and pacifists throughout Europe, unite!                                                                     February 2023



For a new Europe of all citizens in all European Countries!


To Europe’s politicians, members of:

- the European Parliament
- the European Council
- the European Commission
- the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
- the national Parliaments and Governments of 51 European countries

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We, the undersigned citizens of 51 European countries, call for a new, peaceful and democratic, diverse, confederal and subsidiary, strong, prosperous and sustainable Europe for the 21st century, a Europe that protects its minorities and in which we can all live together in peace and freedom. - In particular, we are asking for: 

1.   A peaceful, diverse, democratic Europe, open to all European countries - incl. Russia and Ukraine - allowing each one, given its rich specific historical experiences, to maintain its own institutions, cultures and languages and to cooperate together in many different ways, peacefully and successfully, for the common benefit of Europe!

2.   A subsidiary Europe, in which shall be delegated to "Europe" only what is absolutely necessary, but not what free, peacefully cooperating countries can regulate themselves just as well or even better!


3.   A direct-democratic Europe, in which we empowered citizens shall have the last word on all important issues with referenda - e.g., on our country’s role in Europe, the accession of new member countries and also on crises, in particular on refugees, pandemics, climate change and the war in Europe!

4.   A Europe in which such crises will never again be settled with wars, but peacefully, with the ballot sheet, on the basis of - if necessary - difficult negotiations and with fair compromises - and consistently be used as opportunities to strengthen democracy, peace and freedom, security, welfare and human
rights - throughout Europe!

5.   A strong, neutral Europe, which - to maintain its security and independence, to prevent wars and to strengthen peace in the world - will use its purely defensive army (consisting of willing countries only) - exclusively to convert any potential aggressor into a valuable partner, cooperating successfully for
the benefit of Europe!

6.   A Europe to be created democratically with a future-oriented constitution, for which the citizens elect their country’s representatives to the constitutional council, then ratify the constitution in a national referendum and finally implement and further develop it in regular referenda according to their future needs!


Alarmed by the severe crises and the war in Europe, we millions of citizens are calling on you, Ladies and Gentlemen in Eastern and Western Europe, with our peaceful pan-European online revolt, to start peace negotiations immediately, to lift mutual sanctions and to implement our new Europe democratically without delay, together with us!

Together with you, Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of Governments and of Parliaments across Europe, 
we can and must do it - a new era of peace, freedom, democracy and human rights - bottom-up - 
e-democratically - for the whole world - now! 

Thank you very much!

Your empowered, responsible citizens
(last name, first name, country)