Who is hiding behind it?

Image: Swiss citizen! - Convinced European! - Democrat!
Swiss citizen! - Convinced European! - Democrat!

My Background as a Swiss Citizen, Democrat and  Convinced European!


  • 1960 Starting point: As a Swiss citizen and convinced European, I came to the conclusion, during my studies in the early 1960s, after reading the works of the Swiss political philosopher, writer and pioneer for a unification of Europe, Denis de Rougemont, that only a democratic, federal, diverse, multilingual, subsidiary, a bit more "Swiss" Europe can have a sustainable success!

  • In 1967-1974, after my studies at ETH Zurich (Dipl.ing.chem., chemical engineer, then Dr.sc.techn. in business administration), I worked for 2 years in the Swiss chemical industry, then 5 years in Algeria as a consultant for the state oil and gas company SONATRACH.
  • 1974-2004, I was a federal official in the Federal Office of Energy, initially responsible for creating energy scenarios and after 1991 for their implementation. The "Energy 2000" and then "EnergySwitzerland" partnership programs set up by the Federal Council and managed by me should - in voluntary cooperation between the economy, environmental organisations, cantons, municipalities and the relevant federal agencies - make the greatest possible contribution to achieving the energy and climate policy goals of Switzerland - with a budget of CHF 50 million per year (!) to promote energy efficiency and renewable energies! 

    During this time, I had the chance, as a Swiss delegate to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris, to follow closely, on the spot, the developments of international and European energy policies. The completely undemocratic way, from a Swiss point of view, to elaborate the new "European Constitution" (2001 to 2009; 454 pages), prompted me to draft a Constitution for our new Europe (20 pages) that is understandable for the average citizen and inspired by the Swiss Federal Constitution.
  • In 2004, after my retirement, I used my professional experience as a member of the board of trustees of the Climate Cent Foundation, which was mandated by the Federal Council to ensure that Switzerland will be able to meet its Kyoto climate targets with the income of a voluntary "climate cent" on motor fuels to finance measures to reduce CO2 emissions in Switzerland and abroad.
  • In 2014, I finally decided - in view of the EU, which was being shaken by more and more severe crises (euro, refugees, Brexit, climate change, pandemics, war in the Ukraine...) - to create, so to speak as my Hobby the online referendum "Our New Europe". - All citizens in 51 countries have thus been given the opportunity, for the first time, to choose their Europe (Brussels+, Brexit+ or Citizens+) and their favourite way how to deal with the crises that determine decisively the fate of Europe, the world and humanity as a whole, and thus our own future. 


Motivation - Confidence - Vision


One of my most important "spiritual fathers" is the world's probably best-known theologian,

psychoanalyst and writer Eugen Drewermann, of whom I read more than 100 books over the past 40 years, and of whom I excitedly followed countless lectures, sermons and interviews, personally and in the media - especially also on his YouTube channel.


His long struggle with the Vatican, his critical examination of the other world religions and of the natural sciences, his reinterpretation of the Bible, his uncompromising commitment to the preservation of the environment and of peace, his firm belief in the good in every human being and in a merciful God, who lets the sun rise over "good" and "evil" men and women, as well as his unshakable proclamation of the stirring, not at all easily implementable message of the man from Nazareth - especially in times of war - convinced me too: "Love your enemies!"


As a Swiss citizen and convinced European, my trust in us empowered citizens throughout Europe and in direct democracy is, however, just as strong! - Only we, many millions of Europeans, must and still can now save Europe - together - armed with our sword of Damocles referenda, since nobody else will do it for us, least of all our politicians! - That is how we shall convince our politicians between Moscow, Kiev and Brussels to finally let common sense prevail and to create peace without weapons, in a dialogue, with negotiations and with a fair compromise, in order to be able to build our new Common European House, where all European countries and peoples shall cooperate and live together in peace and for the good of all!


Together we shall do it! - With the ballot sheet!