Vote for your Europe!

We are creating our new Europe! - Together!



Image: EU Flag - "Brussels" Europe!
"Brussels" Europe!



A. EU+ Reinforced!

    "Brussels" Democracy

 - Global superpower USE!
 - Citizens locked down!

 - Member States top-dpwm!

 Confrontation! - Right War!

 - Against the Evil and Tyranny!
 - Ukraine, EU, NATO rearmed!

 - RU A-Bomb roulette - MAD


Trust "Brussels"!


Image: Ballot A - More power to Brussels!
Image: Flag USE - Wishful thinking!
Wishful thinking!
Image: Brexit - The Europe of Patriots!
The Europe of Patriots!



B. EU- Reduced!

 Representative Democracy

 - National independence!

 - Worldwide cooperation for all!

 - EU rescue thаnks to diversity?

   Compromise RUS/UKR?

 - Violent or non-violent?
 - Weapons and reconstruction?
 - Rearmament or disarmament?


Trust your government!


Image: Ballot B - Brexit, all shall benefit!
Image: UK Flag - Good neighbours!
Good neighbours!
"Flag" Our New Europe - The Europeans' Europe!
The Europeans' Europe!



C.  EU* Transformed!


        Direct Democracy!

 - From the Atlantic to the Pacific! 
- Europe of, with, for the Citizens!
 - Sword of Damocles Referenda!

Viral Citizens' Revolt online!

 - "We want peace now!"

 - Autocrats become democrats!

 - European Peace Project!


 Trust us Citizens!


Image: Ballot C - Citizens
Picture: In the centre!
In the centre!
Picture:  My individual ballot!
My individual ballot!





If you don't want to answer with one of the lists A, B, C, please answer at least one of the 11 questions, e.g.:

 4: Petition - 9: Ukraine

10: Climate - 11: Corona


I want to fill out the questionnaire myself!


Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)



Multiply your vote!

Seizure of power by ballot - by Millions of empowered citizens across Europe!






Avant-garde for peace, democracy and a Europe of the citizens!

 Ambassadors and campaign leaders in 51 unique European countries! 

  1. Multiply* now* your vote with the help of all your friends and acquaintances on all networks and media!
  2. Run an overwhelming viral* online campaign for our new, diverse, prospering Europe in your country! -
    Show its success stories on our 
    Blog! - Lead it to win the European Democracy Contest! - Contact us!
  3. Fight together with millions* of empowered citizens with our pan-European citizens' initiative - until our rulers in Moscow, Kyiv and Brussels are ready to implement with us a somewhat "more Swiss-like" Europe! 

We millions* of convinced Europeans can and must do it! - E-democratically! - Here and now!

Our always threatening sword of Damocles, referenda, transform our rulers into true servants of the people!

*Model exponential growth (corona unchecked): after 10 days 1000, after 20 days 1 million votes - etc.!



1. Write

to your friends!

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2. Social media:

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3. Dem.manifesto:

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Image: We shall do it! - With you!!
We shall do it! - With you!

4. Europ.Constitution:

Spread it!

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Image: Millions of empowered citizens all over Europe want a new Europe! - Fight for your Europe! - Here and now!- Foto: ARD
Millions of empowered citizens all over Europe want a new Europe! - Fight for your Europe! - Here and now!



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