1. Vote for your Europe!

With a few clicks! - Here and now!

Image: Flag USE - Superpower USE!
EU supporters


 A. EU+ reinforced 

- Global Super Power USE!
- EU offensive Army!

- Humiliation of Russia!
- "Brussels" decides!
   Top-down! - Alone!


Image: Ballot A - More power to Brussels!
Image: Europe of EU opponents!
EU opponents!


 B. EU- weakened 

 - Back to the Nation State
   into the 19th century?

 - Global Cooperation!
 - Brexit+, War UKR/RU:

 - My Government decides!

Image: Ballot B - Brexit, all shall benefit!
Image: The Europe of all Europeans!
All Europeans!



C. EU* reformed      

- Common European House
  for all European Countries!

Our beacon for humanity!

- War, climate, refugees..

- WE decide by referendum!


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Personal ballot sheet!



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2. Multiply your vote!

We assume power and responsibility in Europe - with referenda!


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3. Democratiic manifesto:

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Image: We can and must do it! - with you!
We can and must do it! - with you!

4. European Constitution:

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Image: An avalanche of votes in our country for a new, diverse, democratic Europe - and for peace now! -  Foto: ARD
An avalanche of votes in our country for a new, diverse, democratic Europe - and for peace now!





The Roadmap

2 Steps - 10 Years! 



I. 2024: Millions of citizens demand an end to the war now and a new Europe!

   With a citizens' revolt on www.our-new-europe.eu: 

  • Peace now! - We, many millions of sovereign citizens in all European countries, including Russia, the Ukraine and in the USA, are sick of politicians breaking their word and thinking of nothing but their careers and their power! - We ask Putin and Zelensky to immediately end the war with a compromise and to go down in History as victors of the war and founders of our Common European House in which all countries and peoples will live and work together in peace, for the benefit of Europe and the World!

  • A new Europe! - We, millions of empowered, responsible citizens throughout Europe, want to decide on all important issues of our Continent ourselves - especially on the global crises, i.e. on refugees, climate change, future pandemics and the war in Ukraine. - We will force our politician with referenda, our always threatening sword of Damocles, to implement without delay, together with us, our new, diverse and democratic, free and prosperous, somewhat more "Swiss-like" Europe!  

II. We sovereign citizens assume power and responsibility in Europe!

    Democratically, bottom-up, with referenda - in 3 phases:

  • 2026 - First pan-European referendum: Your country's role in Europe:
    • In the integrated core: European Economic/foreign/security policy: B, F, L, LV, LT, EST,..?
    • In the Free Trade Zone: Nat. Independence, global cooperation, Brexit+: GB, RUS, UKR,...?
    • In the Common Market: Free movement of goods/services, political independence: CH, D, H,...?

  • 2027- 2032 - Constitution: National elections of the Constitutional Council (2027)! 
    Ratification of the Constitution in nat. referenda in each participating country (2031/32)!

  • 2033,.. Amendments to the Constitution with the ballot sheet according to the changing needs:
    Legislative Referenda + Const. Initiatives - as usual in Switzerland: 4 times/yr. since 1874/1848!