Vote for your Europe!

We are creating a new era of the citizens! - Together!

US Citizens: Choose ballot B or D! - Your possible answers to questions 2,3,7,8, which Europe has to decide alone, will not be counted!

Image:Europe of EU fans!
Europe of EU fans!


A. EU+ reinforced
by "Brussels"!

      Super Power USE

  - "Brussels" decides!
  - Citizens disempowered!

  - Member States too!

      Ukraine - EU member!

  - No russian peace diktat!
  - EU and Ukraine rearmed!

  - EU ex-aequo World power!


of the EU and Ukraine!


Image: Ballot A - More power to Brussels!
Image: Flag USE - Superpower USE!
Image: Europe of EU opponents!
Europe of EU opponents!


B. EU- weakened
by EU opponents!

  Back to the Nation state!

 - Our politicians decide!

 - We elect them every 4 years!

 - Free trade across the world!

   Ukraine - NATO member!

 - NATO and USA rearmed !
 - "The West's" peace diktat!

 - US 1st and only World Pоwer!

Victory to the USA and NATO!


Image: Ballot B - Brexit, all shall benefit!
Image: UK Flag -The Europe of Nations!
"Image Flag"- Europe: Vladivostok - Reykjavik!Europe
Europe: Vladivostok - Reykjavik!


C. Europe* Reset 

by us citizens! 


      Global Peace Project

  - Europe+USA for the world! 

  - We citizens decide - referenda
  - Peace, freedom, democracy!

        Ukraine neutral!

 - Our Common European House!

 - incl. Russia and Ukraine!

 - Peaceful cooperation!


Victory of us citizens
across Europe and the USA!


Image: Ballot C - Citizens
Picture: A Swiss-like Europe! - Swiss Flag!
Picture:  My own ballot sheet!
My own ballot sheet!

D. Questionnaire


If you don't want to answer with one of the lists A, B, C, please answer at least one of the 11 questions, e.g.:

 4: Petition 

9: Ukraine

10: Climate 

11: Corona


I want to fill out the questionnaire myself!

Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)



Multiply your vote!

Seizure of power by ballot - with millions of empowered citizens across Europe!






Fighters for peace, freedom and democracy - and a Europe of the citizens!

 Ambassadors and campaign leaders in each European country - and in the USA! 

  1. Multiply* your vote now* with the help of all your friends and acquaintances on all networks and media!
  2. Launch a huge exponentially growing* national campaign on! - Lead your country to win the All European Petition Contest! - Share the good news on our Blog! - Contact us!
  3. Build our new, а bit more Swiss-like Europe, with millions* of empowered citizens, using our sword of Damocles referenda - together with your newly elected politicians - also in Moscow, Kyiv and "Brussels"!

We millions* of convinced Europeans and US Americans can and must do it! - E-democratically! Here and Now! - Together with you!


*Model of exponential growth (Corona unchecked): After 10 days there will be 1000, after 20 days 1 million votes - etc.!



1. Write

to your friends!


to friends!

2. Social media:

Tweet, post, like..!

3. Dem.manifesto:

Spread it!

Image: We shall do it! - With you!!
We shall do it! - With you!

4. Europ.Constitution:

Spread it!

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Image: Millions of empowered citizens all over Europe want a new Europe! - And peace in Europe! - Here and now!- Foto: ARD
Millions of empowered citizens all over Europe want a new Europe! - And peace in Europe! - Here and now!



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