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Image:Europe of EU supporters!
Europe of EU supporters!


A. EU+ reinforced
by "Brussels"!  

  • Centralization!
  • World Power USE!
  • Victory EU/Ukraine!
Image: Ballot A - More power to Brussels!
Image: Flag USE - Superpower USE!
Image: Europe of EU opponents!
Europe of EU opponents!


B. EU- weakened
by EU opponents!

  •  National autonomy!
  • Global free trade!
  • Victory NATO/USA! 
Image: Ballot B - Brexit, all shall benefit!
Image: UK Flag -The Europe of Nations!
Image: Europe of the citizens!
Europe of the citizens!


C. Europe* Reset 

by us citizens!  


Image: Ballot C - Citizens
Picture: A Swiss-like Europe! - Swiss Flag!
Picture:  Personal ballot sheet!
Personal ballot sheet!

D. Questionnaire

Who does not want to vote with the ballots A, B, or C answers at least one of the 11 questions of the questionnaire!

Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)



Multiply your vote!

Seizure of power by ballot - with millions of empowered citizens across Europe!






Fighters for peace, freedom and democracy - and a Europe of the citizens!

 Ambassadors and campaign leaders in each European country - and in the USA! 

  1. Multiply* your vote now* with the help of all your friends and acquaintances on all networks and media!
  2. Launch a huge exponentially growing* national campaign on! - Lead your country to win the All European Petition Contest! - Share the good news on our Blog! - Contact us!
  3. Build our new, а bit more Swiss-like Europe, with millions* of empowered citizens, using our sword of Damocles referenda - together with your newly elected politicians - also in Moscow, Kyiv and "Brussels"!

We millions* of convinced Europeans and US Americans can and must do it! - E-democratically! Here and Now! - Together with you!


*Model of exponential growth (Corona unchecked): After 10 days there will be 1000, after 20 days 1 million votes - etc.!



1. Write

to your friends!


to friends!

2. Social media:

Tweet, post, like..!

3. Dem.manifesto:

Spread it!

Image: We shall do it! - With you!!
We shall do it! - With you!

4. Europ.Constitution:

Spread it!

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Image: Millions of empowered citizens all over Europe want a new Europe! - And peace now!- Foto: ARD
Millions of empowered citizens all over Europe want a new Europe! - And peace now!



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