Image: Panic or Green Deal? - Brussels,  March 4, 2020 - Ursula von der Leyen and Greta Thunberg
Panic or Green Deal? - Brussels, March 4, 2020

Climate change

1.  A global problem - 3 strategies


Climate change is a global problem that can only be solved through effective and efficient global cooperation. There are, however, considerable differences of opinion around the world about the risks, urgency, feasibility
and the effectiveness of the measures to be taken. - With question 10 of the Our New Europe questionnaire, all Europeans are invited to
 choose one of the following 3 climate strategies:


1.  Climate apocalypse - anger, fear and despair: According to Greta Thunberg and the climate youth, on school strike around the world, "everything has to change - now!" - "No further exploitation - no further bla-bla!" - "We are on strike to destroy the system!" - In order to avoid the climate catastrophe already starting to fall upon us and to achieve the goal of a global temperature increase of less than 1.5 degrees by 2030, we need:

  • A complete, radical, immediate worldwide transformation of our economy and society, beginning and ending with our personal lifestyle (including eating, working, shopping, living, traveling...);
  • Drastic measures in all countries that go far beyond well-sounding announcements and tough financial demands!
  • An autonomous plenipotentiary UN climate organization - i.e.:
    • COP 27ff conferences that can take binding decisions and impose sanctions for all countries;
    • A new lean, independent office in charge of an efficient, incorruptible controlling;
    • An apolitical, broadly based International Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) for a scientifically sound,
      fact-oriented, transparent, trust-building communication!xxx

2.  More of the same - from the EU Green Deal to the UN Climate Agency: The voluntary global approach that has been pursued for 30 years with  the annual UN climate conferences (from Rio 1992 to Glasgow 2021..) must be significantly strengthened and accelerated on a global level:

  • Objective: Rapid implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement so that the global temperature increase can be limited to a maximum of 1.5 degrees.
  • Condition: A new UN Cimate Agency, equipped with extensive competencies and sufficient financial and human resources, to issue, as required, binding guidelines and sanctions for all countries throughout the world.
  • The EU ahead - will implement its "Green Deal" top-down, with hundreds of billions of euros, binding regulations, subsidies and taxes to become the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050 at the latest!
  • The UN following: All countries throughout the world will follow the EU example - top-down, coordinated, controlled and sanctioned by the UN Climate Agency - tackling  the global climate crisis together - and with success!


3.  The third way - maximum global impact - bottom-up with empowered citizens: We Europeans want to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to the maximum possible, at all political levels and in all areas, democratically and efficiently, together with all emancipated citizens around the world who are ready to act :

  • As consumers, by changing our lifestyle;
  • As citizens, in our community, region and nation, with our personal commitment to a sustainable, efficient and subsidiary energy and climate policy at all political levels;
  • As inhabitants of this world with petitions and initiatives and with the election of politicians who want to commit themselves to fight for efficient, globally sustainable climate protection measures, especially at the international and global level - notably with:
    • An international “climate cent” in willing countries on fossil fuels (cf. Swiss program) to finance the most effective measures to reduce CO2 emissions, particularly in the world's poorest countries;
    • A world-wide climate-oriented, efficient and effective cooperation in all areas, especially in foreign trade (incl. emission certificates), the economy, transport, research and education.
    • A global efficient, independent climate monitoring under UN sovereignty serving all countries in the world.




International Climate Cent (ICC)¹ 

  • All UN member countries are invited to participate in the ICC!
  • UN mandate to regulate the design, implementation and monitoring of the ICC by an independent, non-profit foundation of the participating countries - based in Geneva² - unbureaucratic, efficient, flexible!
  • 1.0 cents/ liter² of liquid fuels² on 50%² of global consumption results in 20 billion $/a to implement the most effective certified projects, especially in developing countries. With CO2 costsing 20 $/t², this leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions of 1 billion t/a¹ - multiplied several times with the 3rd path strategy!

                                                          ¹) Estimates based on the experience of the Swiss Climate Cent Foundation  -  ²) Exemplary Assumption



2. Maximum global impact - with us citizens worldwide!


In our new, diverse, democratic Europe of Europeans (scenario EU* - peace project for the 21st century), we use referendums to determine an efficient European energy and climate strategy with maximum global impact, the 3rd path, which is open to all citizens around the world: 

  1. The supporters of Greta Thunberg and the Climate Youth are invited to use their anger, fear, despair and
    radical demands - worldwide, immediately and as far as democratically feasible!
  2. The advocates of a global climate policy led by an increasingly centralized EU can do much more for the
    global climate, the crisis-ridden European Union, Europe and democracy on the 3rd path, by means of referenda,
    in the politically integrated core of our new, diverse Europe, than with an uncompromising "Business as usual", with gigantic annual UN conferences, an uncompromising "Brussels" and citizens who do not feel to be taken seriously!
  3. All citizens around the world are invited to take the 3rd path, with our peace project, to maximise their contribution to climate change and democracy, responsibly and committedly, immediately and creatively, using 
    their own ideas, their lifestyle, as well as politically, on a communal, regional, national and global level, thus enhancing their country's economic and social development - for peace, freedom, human rights and human dignity - worldwide!


The climate crisis is a chance for Our New Europe in the 21st century, for a new democracy,
new ideas and new, creative, empowered citizens all over the world!