Image: Our New Europe - beacon for peace, liberty, democracy and human dignity - Peace project - Community of values!
*Peace project - Community of values!

European Peace Project


Our new Europe - with and for us citizens throughout Europe!


1.   A diverse, democratic, constantly evolving, flexible Europe, open to the world, in which we citizens determine, in referenda, the European issues we want to resolve ourselves in referenda: e.g. our country's role in Europe, a new Constitution, the entry of new member countries (Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Balkans...), the euro/European taxes, immigration, climate, Corona and the war in Ukraine.


2.   A prosperous, strong, subsidiary and free Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik, in which all European countries live and cooperate in peace, freedom and to the benefit of all - according to our will.


3.   A Europe that takes us seriously as its sovereign, responsible, empowered citizens and as convinced, emancipated, critical Europeans - since we have the last word in our new Europe with the ballot sheet! 




Path - Time-table

Democratic - together - with millions of citizens in 51 European countries!

 I. Ukraine/Corona/climate reset for a new, diverse, democratic Europe in the 21st century!

  • 2023/24 - Viral Citizens' revolt: Many millions of empowered citizens from Vladivostok to Reykjavik call in a Democratic Manifesto on for a peaceful cooperation that will bring prosperity and success to all European countries in our new Europe!
  • 2024/25 -  Historic change: The politicians elected in the next European elections (and in non-EU countries like Russia, Ukraine, UK, Switzerland,..) go down in history as the founders of our new Europe, that takes its citizens seriously and becomes a beacon in the world for democracy, peace, freedom and prosperity, human rights and human dignity!

II. Democratic implementation with referenda - bottom-up - throughout Europe!

  • 2025 - First pan-European referendum on the fundamental question:
    "Which place shall your country take in the new Europe: in the politically integrated core Europe, or in the common market, or in a large European free trade zone from Vladivostok to Reykjavik?"
  • European Constitution:
    2026: Election of the Constitutional Council in democratic elections in all participating countries 
    2030/31: Ratification of the Constitution in national referenda in all participating countries
  • 2032 - First European elections of each country's members of the European Parliament.


1. "Never waste a good crisis!"


In the our Europe, crises - especially the war in Ukraine, Corona and climate change - are used as chances to resolve conflicts, strengthen democracy and the rights of the citizens and to develop a peaceful, prosperous cooperation that will serve all European countries - by means of referenda:

  1. The refugee crisis will finally be successfully and sustainably overcome with a humanitarian, common, flexible European asylum and refugee policy. A new Refugee Union of like-minded European countries and voluntary agreements with the rest of Europe are intended to strengthen border protection and reduce the influx of refugees and asylum seekers, thanks, in particular, to effective measures to promote the economic development in the countries of origin and transit of the refugees. 
  2. The euro crisis is leading to a close economic, monetary and fiscal union (EMU) with the euro, a European economic government and common taxes in the member countries willing to integrate. All other European countries (incl. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Great Britain, Switzerland, etc.) are invited to join the European free trade area or the common market/economic area (EEA - with the free movement of goods, services and capital, but without the free movement of people and without the euro). The resulting diverse and more or less intensive economic cooperation and free trade bring prosperity, stability and peace to the whole continent!
  3. Experience with the Corona pandemic shows that, in order to combat future pandemics more effectively and more successfully, every country must prepare without delay the necessary emergency national laws and flexible, efficient measures that are adapted to local and national circumstances and  supported by the citizens and approved in referenda, as well as an experienced and well-trained national crisis organization that can be deployed at short notice at any time. - In addition, an effective international cooperation requires at the European level an unbureaucratic, readily available and flexible support, and in the UNO/WHO an efficient, independent global pandemic monitoring and alarm system.
  4. In order to prevent the climate apocalypse announced by Greta Thunberg and the climate youth, Europe must go ahead with the most effective global climate program: In the "Citizens' Climate Alliance", all Europeans can, united with all willing citizens worldwide, as consumers and citizens at all levels of government (municipality, region, nation, UNO) commit themselves to create an efficient, globally sustainable climate protection program, including, specifically. a "climate cent" of willing countries on fossil fuels to finance the most effective climate protection measures, particularly in the poorest parts of the world, and to enhance climate-friendly international cooperation, incl. emission certificates, as well as an independent global UN climate monitoring.

  5. Concerning the war in Ukraine, the West's strategy of confrontation with Russia (NATO rearmament and eastward expansion, weapons and military support of Ukraine and ever more sanctions against Russia) is not likely to lead to the unconditional surrender of Russia, as the West's large majority is hoping. There is rather a growing risk of an endless war of attrition and a new Cold War, with every day new victims on both sides, a catastrophic global economic crisis and finally, in the worst case, a nuclear word war!

    To end the war quickly, a face-saving compromise acceptable to both sides is  decisive
     now - e.g. with Russia in the status of 23.2.2022 and a neutral, confederal, democratic Ukraine - both together in a Common European house in which all Europan countries will live and cooperate in peace und to the benefit of all!

    For this to happen, what is needed now is an overwhelming, viral, non-violent pan-European popular uprising launched by numerous wise and committed Europeans in all European countries, and then fought by many millions of citizens, if necessary on the streets, which will turn our governments and rulers into wise servants of the people and force them to realize our European peace project together with us without delay - democratically - bottom-up - here and now!

2. A democratic Constitution

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The present Constitution is based on the Swiss Federal Constitution and provides the legal basis for our European peace project, i.e. for: 

  • A new, diverse, democratic, confederal, subsidiary, sustainably prosperous Europe, open to all European countries with all their wonderful wealth of different historical experiences, structures, political institutions, cultures and languages;
  • An armed, neutral Europe, which - to protect its security and independence, to prevent wars, and to strengthen peace in the world - has its own powerful, purely defensive army, whose sole purpose is to deter any potential attacker from any attack;
  • A direct-democratic Europe, in which citizens have the last word in referenda on all important European issues, e.g. concerning their country's place in Europe, the accession of new member countries, the euro, refugees, climate change, Corona and the war in Ukraine;
  • A Europe to be created democratically, whose Constitution has to be elaborated by a Constitutional Council elected by the citizens in all participating countries; it then has to be ratified in each country in a referendum - and finally must be implemented by referenda.

The Constitution is short and easily understandable for the Europe's Sovereign - for us citizens throughout Europe (16 pages, 21 §). All details have to be regulated at the level of laws and regulations.




3. Referenda - the Citizen's Sword of Damocles!


There is no true democracy without mutual trust between the State and its citizens - and there is no better way to create and reinforce such a trust than referenda - since:


Nothing strengthens democracy, peace and freedom and the commitment of us citizens throughout Europe for our new Europe, our sense of belonging together and our democratic responsibility, as well as our certainty to be taken seriously by our new Europe, like regular constitutionally determined referenda, in which (after broad and open, instructive campaigns) we citizens across Europe can decide freely on all essential European issues! - As the Swiss do every quarter!


On the other hand, nothing frustrates, offends and hurts us citizens more than politicians who ignore, disregard, reject, launch - or misuse referenda for their own purposes and careers, or even ask to repeat them until they like the results! - As it happens time and again even in Europe!





 Referenda turn Patronized Subjects into Responsible Citizens! 

- and Party Soldiers, Plutocrats, Bureaucrats, Autocrats, Eurocrats into Servants of the People! 


  • We empowered citizens are taken seriously by Europe, because we can decide all the important questions in Europe (possibly also at national level) by means of referenda!

  • Our newly elected politicians are implementing, together with us citizens, our new Europe, the
    Europe of and for us citizens - under our always threatening sword of Damocles referenda!

  • Our peacefully cooperating countries will determine their role in Europe in a referendum and thus definitely destroy the EU's superpower dreams of the United States of Europe (USE)!




4. We Citizens Can, Shall and Must do it!





To all the Citizens across Europe! 



Europe is standing on the brink! - Only we citizens throughout Europe, incl. Russians and Ukrainians, can and must save Europe, change it fundamentally and secure its sustainable future! - All Europeans are thus called upon to create our new Europe - together - now!, i.e.: 

  • All EU advocates who want to avoid a paralysis or a collapse of the EU in order to save the European community of values - by asking for the participation of their country in the politically integrated core of our new Europe!
  • All EU opponents who want to preserve their national sovereignty and to cooperate successfully for the mutual benefit of all countries - by asking for their country's participation in the European Free trade zone or in the Common market!
  • All EU critics who want Europe to treat them as emancipated citizens - as they decide all important European (and possibly national) issues themselves, with referenda, in our new, diverse, democratic, prospering "Swiss" Europe!
  • All climate and peace activists ready to fight non-violently in a global climate alliance producing a maximum global climate effect - and for the immediate end of the war by OSCE monitored referenda on the future of Ukraine and of the newly occupied territories! 

Our sword of Damocles, referenda, turns autocrats, eurocrats and bureaucrats into loyal servants of the people, Europe into a Peace project, and locked-down subjects into empowered citizens who assume responsibility and power in Europe - cheerfully - confident of our victory!


Cooperation instead of confrontation!

We millions of citizens across Europe can and must do it!

Together! - With you!