Image: Our New Europe - beacon for peace, liberty, democracy and human dignity - Peace project - Community of values!
Peace project - Community of values!

Global Peace Project

We citizens can and must do it!





Our new Europe - our Peace Project!




Europe and the world are on the brink of the abyss, threatened from outside by existential crises, and from within by our autocrats, bureaucrats and Eurocrats, only clinging to their career! - That's why we, millions of citizens throughout Europe, can and must now save Europe (and the whole world!) - together the US Americans, peacefully, with referenda, by:

  • Assuming our responsibility and taking power with an overwhelming citizens' revolt, that will turn our politicians into true servants of the people and create a beacon that will shine in the world for peace, freedom, democracy and human rights!
  • Ending the war in Europe immediately so that Putin and Zelensky can go down in history together, as victors and founders of our Common European House, which will be open to all European countries -including Russia and the Ukraine!

  • Creating a new, diverse, democratic, prosperous, somewhat more "Swiss" Europe - within 10 years, without weapons and wars, but e-democratically, using reason, conversations and negotiations, compromises and referenda!

Vote and fight for your Europe*! - A few clicks will do!


*)Voting right: All citizens throughout Europe, in and outside the EU, including Switzerland, Great Britain, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (total 51 countries) - as well as in the USA.